Fully Managed Ecommerce - Apply Today!

Make it Your Own & Earn 25% of Revenue

Global Crafts will add products to your Shopify Site or build you a Shopify Site from scratch. Each day we will adjust the inventory to prevent over selling and when orders arrive we will fulfill them. We handle all credit card payments, deal with returns and generally manage all the ecommerce aspects of your site. Leaving you free to market the site and make sales. The site is yours, it can include a blog and pages about your store.

You can choose to only carry certain product categories to specialize the site. You select the featured products on the home page. We will support you with a 1 hour training session to enable you to take control of your site.

Need more flexibility or already have an online store ? We offer Drop Shipping from  www.DropShippingbyGlobalCrafts.com  Accounts are free.

Please note that we do not accept all applicants for managed ecommerce. We will need to understand your commitment and be confident of your capacity as a marketing partner. Some development fees may apply.