Tea Sack Messenger Bag

Beaurer Creations

UPC: 640746044724
WEIGHT: 1.0 lb

This messenger-style bag is handmade from recycled tea sack material, making each bag truly one-of-a-kind. The interior features a silky lining and includes a large zippered pocket and a smaller open pocket to store your phone or other essentials.

Meet the Artisans

Beaurer Creations

This artisan group is located in the impoverished city of New Delhi.  They are making a huge impact by employing workers at fair wages and offering safe, clean working conditions.  They pay above the government issued minimum wage.  Workers enjoy tea breaks each day and weekly prayer, as per tradition. Beauer produces a wide array of products using new and upcycled materials.  Their specialty is home and handbags.  Their workers are trained in macramé, handbag, and accessory crafts work.  Examples of upcycled material that you might find in their products include firehose, tire, and leather label patches from jeans.  By purchasing a Beauer product, you will be helping some of India's poorest people, and its environment.

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