User Guides & FAQ's

Getting Started

Q. How do I upload Products ?
A. For most shopping carts you can take the data in our product file and use it to do a full upload of products. The file is formatted for Shopify. If you use Shopify you can simply upload the whole file as is.

Q. Can you help me setup my site ?
A. We are not a tech company or developers. We can talk you through the basics, especially if you are Shopify user. We cannot setup navigation or collections as this takes at least two hours. You can pay to have our team assist you on Navigation. Please contact us for details.

Q. Setting up Stock Sync for Shopify ?
A. Please download this Guide

Q. Setting up Wipeout for Shopify ?
A. Please download this Guide

Q. Setting up  Collections of Categories?
A. Please download our Guide This is a guide, store owners often choose to organize products in a variety of ways.


Q. Do you charge fees ?
A. No - we make money when you do. You get a 40% discount on MSRP - you can set your own prices. You will also pay some shipping charges. Your profit is the gap between what you pay us and what you charge your customers.

Q. I sold something - how do I place the order ?
A. Once you have an approved account you will be able to order and checkout on this site. We will ship your products to your customer as indicated in the shipping address without any branding. Typically within 24 hours you will find the tracking number in your account.

Q. How do you handle returns ?
A. When a product return is received in our warehouse we will refund to you. All communication with the customer is your responsibility. We accept returns for 30 days. Our warehouse address is 2808 Hibiscus Drive, Edgewater, FL 32141. Please ensure that the customer includes the original paperwork so that we can refund you quickly.

Q. Do you charge Sales tax ?
A. We are required to collect sales tax on any order shipped to a Florida address at 6.5%. Only if you have a Florida sales tax id are your orders exempt from FL sales tax. Please notify us if you have a FL sales tax id. We understand that you probably did not collect sales tax and that you are a business. Unfortunately this is a requirement and we can not exempt you without a FL sales tax id.

Q. How much is shipping ?
A. 80% of our products ship for $2.50 within the USA. You can charge your customer as much as you feel is appropriate. For Domestic US orders we offer the following options based on weight.

First Class Package USPS  under 1.0 lb     $2.50
Ground Shipping  1.0 lb - 3.0 lb     $5.00
Ground Shipping  3.0 lb - 5.0 lb     $8.00
Ground Shipping  5.0 lb - and up     $15.00
Priority Mail     under 1.0 lb     $5.95
Priority Mail     1.0 lb - 3.0 lb     $9.00
Priority Mail or 3 Day UPS   3.0 lb - 5.0 lb     $12.00
Priority Mail or 3 Day UPS    5.0 lb - and up     $18.00

Canada rates are :
Priority Mail     under 1.0 lb     $15.00
Priority Mail     1.0 lb - 5.0 lb     $20.00
Priority Mail     5.0 lb - and up     $30.00

Rest of the World :
International Shipping   1.0 lb - 5.0 lb     $25.00
International Shipping   5.0 lb - and up   $40.00

Q. Why can't I find a product ?
A. If you are syncing inventory you should never oversell, or at least it is highly unlikely. If you sell a product and cannot find it,i it is likely it is out of stock. Please use the contact us form to ask us.