Other Platforms

There are hundreds of eCommerce shopping carts available. Our products can be loaded on to any of them and our inventory file should be up-loadable on the vast majority. We would love to have you on board regardless of your shopping cart.

However please note that we recommend Shopify, understand Volusion and have no knowledge of other shopping carts. We will not be able to help you with your setup or integration.

Setting up your Volusion Site

Unfortunately there is no easy way to populate the site in bulk. If you are not comfortable with uploading and working with csv files you should add products individually.

Step 1. Products.

  • Download the Product csv file from the Downloads page.
  • Download a copy of your existing product table in Volusion
  • Take our data and using copy and paste add it to the Volusion template and upload.
  • You should be careful to check that the product data is correct after uploading.
  • We have provided access to our images. Unfortunately you will need to edit each product to categorize it and add the images.

Step 2. Inventory Management

  • The file we provide daily can be uploaded to Volusion via the import export page. Please be careful to select We do not at this time have any way to automate this process.