Why Go Premium?

Drop Shipping By Global Crafts is absolutely free, we make our money when you sell products. Over the years we have come to understand that while that model is the correct model with no membership fees, it does restrict us from offering products we don't make a profit on at 40% OFF. Premium membership is totally optional and not for everyone.

Premium membership provides successful drop shippers some extra tools to power sales.

  • Exclusive Products - includes low ticket price items and fair trade coffee where we do not make any profit on the actual sale plus some best sellers.
  • Closeout Products - items that we want to clear and we can offer you more than the regular 40% discount on MSRP. 
  • Exclusive Sale Coupons - a calendar of coupon codes published months out so that you can plan and run online sales. 

Are you a good candidate for Premium Membership ?

Premium membership costs $49.99 a month, its not for everyone. We do not restrict membership anyone can join the premium club, but we want it to be great value for you and really power sales of products. To make money on Premium you need to be able to add at least and extra $200 a month to your sales with the tools we provide. We think indicators of success include at least one of these:

  • An established site with a solid audience
  • A strong Social Media audience
  • An active newsletter list of 1000 or more
  • An established presence in a marketplace such as eBay
  • A willingness to invest in online marketing such as Facebook Ads
  • Use of marketing apps such as KIT

Can I get a free trial ?

Yes offer a 14 days free. You can cancel at anytime.

How do I register ?

Click Here to signup.  

How do I cancel ?

At the bottom of any Premium Access page you will see a bar with you account information. You can cancel your subscription at any time using this bar.  Please note that we do not refund subscriptions.