We recommend Shopify in conjunction with Stock-Sync available in the Shopify App store for $5 a month. Finally we recommend an optional backup  app Rewind so that your site is safe for $5 a month.  If you are setting up a new site try a free 14 day Shopify trial.

Setting up your Shopify Site

Step 1. Products.

  • Download the Shopify Product csv file from the Downloads page.
  • If you want to remove any products or change pricing from the recommended price you can do so by opening the file in Excel. Remember to save it as a csv file.
  • Import the file into your Shopify admin. This will create the products with images.

Step 2. Collections and Navigation

  • Unfortunately there is no quick and easy way to do this. Download the Guide to Shopify Collections and Navigation to see how we suggest creating smart collections. Once you get going this should take about 2 hours.

Step 3. Inventory Maintenance

  •  To keep your inventory in sync with our system - add the Stock-Sync app. $5 per month
    To set this us refer to the Guide to Stock-Sync in the Support Section.
  • To be safe we recommend installing Rewind an app that backs up your work for $5 a month. While not essential it give you peace of mind.

That's it. Your products are now onsite and in sync with our inventory. Watch out for new products. These will appear at the end of the product csv file. They can either be added individually or through an import.

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