Current Drop Ship Promotions

At Global Crafts we understand that ecommerce sales are driven by two things, promotions and brand differentiation. We try to provide you with a range of graphics and information so that you can find your niche and differentiate your brand and we provide you with special offers to create promotions. In the holiday season the Black Friday weekend is especially promotion driven by default you receive a 40% margin if you sell at MSRP. You are of course encouraged to use that margin to create your own promotions. For example you may choose to offer Free Shipping on select orders. We have selected 10 products that from now until January 1st 2016 will be discounted deeper, to allow you to create additional promotions, such as Black Friday specials, Daily or weekly deals and to feature on your sale pages.

Prices will be reverted back to normal on Monday January 4th 2016 – please place all orders before noon

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