Making Google Work for you?

Posted on December 13, 2015 by Kevin Ward | 0 comments

A great question was asked on our  Facebook Group  that has prompted me to write this short piece.  The first question you might ask is why not just post it to the FB Group. Well its an important topic that once indexed by google may get some traffic to this site. Basic rule is that Blog content lives longer and is more valuable than a FB post for SEO purposes, use your blog as your central repository and you will get more organic Google Traffic.

The second piece of the puzzle is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - we have already written a piece about Adding SEO Data to Collections and Products

The crux of the question was how do I make Google Adwords work and not cost a fortune for little in results. In other words how to get a better ROI. I can't say I practice what I preach here, it takes time and we all get lazy but here goes:

  1. Promote a targeted long keyword rather than a generic keyword. In other words don't go after Gifts or even Handmade Gifts, go after Handmade World Instruments and set the match as exact, so Google only sends you that specific traffic. Its gets less traffic and there is less competition. You will get cheaper clicks, that are more meaningful. Yes fewer but more likely to convert.
  2. Don't send that traffic to your home page, send it to the World Instrument Category, if you don't have one build one, and do the SEO on that Collection or Category at the same time. That way the user who clicks the Google Ad gets to a relevant page without having to work to find what they were interested in.

So rather than setup one ad for your entire site and use generic terms, setup one for each category or even specific ads for your most popular products. One word of caution be careful about using trademarked brand names for example you can't buy google ads for "Global Crafts" its trademarked. But do buy ads for Handmade Kalimba Africa, Handmade Finger Piano, Soapstone Family Kenya etc..

Its a lot of work which is why we don't always practice what we preach.

In a recent Adwords campaign we setup a group targeting Felt Birdhouses - we spent $1.50 this week to get 4 clicks - 2 of them converted and both spent well over $100 each. The screen shot shows the most recent $200 order from Google to a specific collection. That is an extreme example, but point made.

 Google Adwords ROI

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