5 Tips to Boost your Shopify Sales

Posted on December 23, 2015 by Kevin Ward | 1 comment

Most of us would love to increase our online sales, but very few of us have a lot of time to spare. I wanted to share 5 of the most common things that are overlooked that can boost your sales without becoming a full time job.

Tip #1 If you can't find it you can't buy it

The most common problems we see on Shopify stores is the navigation and search. If your customers can't find the products they can't buy them. Navigation often sucks on Shopify sites because free themes are not great. You can either get a new theme from Shopify or a theme store online, such as Theme Forest for $56 or you can use an App such as Bacon Mega Menu for $9.99 a month to improve your menu. You can see the Bacon Mega Menu in action on Artisans Exchange. Personally I think the $9.99 a month is well worth the money as we now have a menu with product images, we know a picture is worth a thousand words.

While we are on the topic of finding things the Shopify search is not great, try typing half a word and see what happens. Live Search is a $3.99 a month app that adds an Ajax search to your store. I installed it on this site www.DropShippingbyGlobalCrafts.com.

Tip #2 Content Rules

While we plan on discussing SEO in tip 3, the fact is that these days search engines are far more interested in your content than meta tags. Creating content that people want to read and hopefully share is time consuming, but well worth the effort. The first stage is to create an editorial calendar for your content, to keep it fresh. A great piece of blog content can be used to springboard your social media and marketing. If your promoting drop shipping you write a blog like this, if your selling products, how about occasion driven gift guides or product reviews. Remember once you have the blog content, promote it on Facebook, Pinterest and other social media channels.

Tip #3 SEO isn't Rocket Science

You could spend your life doing Search Engine Optimization, but you only have a few hours a week. So focus on where it matters. Start with adding or editing the meta data on your collections, build some collections that pair up with your blog content and do the SEO. 

Tip #4 Content Sells Products

Have you wondered what the Buy Button Shopify Channel is ? Its actually pretty cool. You can embed single products or a collection in your content, inside and external to your store. This gives you the power to add a collection to your blog post, page or even a piece you write on another website or platform. When you engage people with your content make sure there is a call to action to shop and make it easy by showing a few relevant products. 

Tip #5 Home is Where The Good Stuff Happens

One of the most under managed pages on many stores is the home page. If you have ever worked in retail you know how important a store window is to a bricks and mortar retailer, so why do we tend to leave our webstore home page the same for months on end ? Remember that content calendar you made, how about swapping out the products, featured categories and slides on your home page every month with a focus on the content you are releasing. 

These five tips all share the goal of creating great content, products, collections, blog posts and making sure they can be found via menu's, search, social media and your home pages. If you do this consistently in relation to an editorial calendar you will see your sales grow.  

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Patricia Turner
Patricia Turner

April 11, 2016

This article was a must read for me. I am in the first stages of building my new shopify store for gifts by Patrice dot com and I am selecting and uploading images of my products that currently keep going on the home page and I was wondering how many products should I place on the homepage or how to even design the homepage. But now it makes sense. My idea now is to build it around a theme like spring. Thank you for this article.

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