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After 3 month trial of a our new premium plan we have come to realize that we were not offering enough to justify the price and more importantly it was not helping us grow your sales. Today we are pleased to announce the changes below, not least a new price of $9.99. 

Holiday 2017

  • Reduction in Premium Fee from $49.99 to $9.99. We do not believe the last 3 months has demonstrated value and would prefer to see a more active base and grow sales through Premium Membership.
  • Premium User Self Directed Promotions – Premium users are invited to submit a marketing plan from Thanks Giving until Christmas Eve, we will support that plan with custom discounts and in any other way we can. This will be an individual negotiation process.
  • Premium Users get access to a discount schedule which will include a generic 10% off coupon through the holiday period.

2018 and Beyond

  • Develop an Advisory Board of 6 users – A group of current drop shippers, chosen by invite, who sell on a wide variety of channels including , Shopify, eBay, Amazon and Amazon FBA. The goal being to help us formulate success strategies and develop support programs.
  • Success Video Series – Release a piece of content at least once every 2 weeks focusing on growing sales and technical tips.
  • Focus on supporting Premium Users – both in terms of sales and technology support.
  • Other Platforms other than Shopify – Evaluate the complexity of developing feeds for other web platforms outside of Shopify.


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