Yes we Drop Ship for eBay, Amazon and other marketplaces

Posted on November 11, 2015 by Kevin Ward | 0 comments

We often get asked, "Can I sell your products on eBay or Amazon?" The simple answer is yes.

The larger question is will you make money and how do you make sure you don't sell something we don't have. I am going to assume that you have your own website with our products on it and that you are either using the Shopify inventory sync or you are uploading our file every day. Thus your store is in sync with us and we are 99% certain not to oversell. That great but how do you keep your eBay or Amazon store in sync with your store? There is the expensive but robust way and the low-cost do-it-yourself way.

There are lots of apps (Shopify) and other third party services that work with other platforms to sync your inventory. If you are using Shopify and only want to sell on eBay - try the inkFrog app at just $10 a month. It's on the low end of fees and has great reviews. We have not tested it. If you are looking for something to handle other marketplaces as well, it gets a bit more expensive, we use Sellbrite and find it works well, but it starts at just over $100 a month. Another options is Stitchlabs. Many more exist, so do plenty of research. 

Can you do it without an app? Yes but just be careful to monitor our inventory.

TIP To Save Money - A simple trick for Shopify users is to install the Wipeout app ($3 a month) and get a daily report of what has come off site due to zero inventory and what was added back to the site after we got more inventory. Now you have the data to manually manage your listings.

So the big question is will you make money? You are making 40% assuming you collect the same shipping we charge and sell at MSRP. While the fee structures are complex, both marketplaces seem to cost around 15% of sales, so you still have 25% profit. Plus when you find a product that sells really well for you, you can buy it from us wholesale and make more money. Of course then you have to ship it yourself, or use Amazon's FBA Fulfillment service. You can't have everything - right? :)

Our opinion - Yes you can make it work on a shoestring without expensive software and yes you can make money at it.  But we do believe its a numbers game, You need to list 100's of products to sell a few.

We recently added UPC codes to the feed so that selling on Amazon would be easier for you. So go for it.

Fully managed eCommerce partners - give us a call as its a bit more complex, but it can be done. 

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